Powerful Effects In Children Cigarette Ad

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Indonesia are in the top group - along with India, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Poland - countries that inhabited many active smokers. Based on the results of a survey conducted by the WHO, there are about 51.7 percent of men and 0.3 percent of smokers smoking women with an age range 15-24 years.

This is certainly very worrying when seen from the point of view of health. The younger generation could be threatened his health. Then how children and teenagers can be influenced to become a smoker?

The trigger is quite diverse, can be from family or friends. Then, equally remarkable impact is cigarette ads are quite 'radical' and creative market targeting teenagers. This was disclosed by dr. Soewarta Kosen, MPH, Coordinator of the Unit of Health Economics and Policy Analysis.

"Teenagers are easily influenced by advertising is widespread on the go, including a music concert sponsor from cigarettes," said Soewarta in Building Ministry of Health, Jakarta, on Tuesday, September 11, 2012.

Radical ways :

Although currently restricted cigarette advertising on television but cigarette manufacturers to advertise in ways that 'radical'. Not only through billboards or on the internet, but also active in sponsoring events youth music.

This indeed could easily affect children and teens to try smoking. And, do not rule out the possibility he would be the next cigarette addict. According to a survey conducted in 2007, about 80 percent of children and adolescents, see the advertising and promotion, as well as of tobacco sponsorship at an event.

For that, related to cigarette advertising on billboards, according Soewarta, should begin to be revisited. "Jakarta is one of the capitals in the Asia Pacific region is still displaying cigarette billboard. In other countries no longer exists, only we were still there," he said.

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