The story of Prophet PROPHET David.

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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. I met again with Saber Congratulations work activity and hopefully Create Your Success. This time I Share And Share Article About The story of Prophet Prophet DAVID, directly Only And Not Extend your immediate time Listen Related Site That Has the following Written Under It.

Daud bin Yisya was one of thirteen children thirteenth descendant of Prophet Ibrahim He lived in the town Baitlehem settled, as the hometown of Jesus with her father and brother thirteen.

David And King Thalout:

When the king of kings of Bani Israil Thalout mobilize people to enter Tentera Tentera and prepare people to fight against the Palestinians, with two of his older brother David was ordered by his father to take part in fighting and merge into the ranks of Askar Thalout. Special to David as a child the youngest of three brothers, his father advised that he was in the back row and can not be helped fight. He was assigned only to serve her siblings should be dibarisan ahead, bring food and beverage and other purposes-2 for them, as well as he should from time to time give lapuran his father about the course and the state of her siblings fighting in the battlefield. He was not allowed to occasionally forward to the forefront and helped fight, reminding his young age and no experience of war since he was born.

However, when the troops of Bani Israil Thalout face to face with the forces of the nation Jalout Palestine, David forgot the message when the father heard a loud Jalout presumptuously invites opposing war, while the war jaguh-jaguh Bani Israil silent sehinggapi taste frightened and discouraged. He spontaneously offered to forward facing Jalout and the battle between the two men that ended with the killing of Jalout as told in the story before this.

In return for the services of David defeating Jalout then become law by Thalout and dikahwinkannya a daughter named Mikyal, according to the promise he had announced to his troops that his daughter would dikahwinkan with people who can fight and defeat Jalout.
In addition he was charged as a son, David, also appointed by the king Thalout as advisor and confidant. He loved, praised and honored and respected by a law other features not even by all the people of Bani Israil who see it as heroes of the nation who have successfully raised offspring and darjat Bani Israil in the eyes of the nation-2 around.

Intimacy, mutual affection and love for each other which includes the relationship with his son-in-law David Thalout can not last long. At the end of the time David felt that there was a change in attitude towards her in-laws. Sweet face she always be in-law turned grim and stiff, his words are usually heard a gentle turn into harsh words and harsh. He asked ourselves what the hell would that cause a sudden change in attitude? Are there things that are done that are considered by the law less feasible, so that made her angry and hate him? Or maybe the heart-in-law are influenced by incitement and slander people who deliberately want to destroy the atmosphere of harmony and peace in the household? Is not it a law that loyal and obedient to mertuanta who have met their duties in the war as well as oa expect? and does it always remain willing to sacrifice his body to defend life and defend the kingdom of eternity-in-law?

David did not get a satisfactory retort to the question-2 that crosses his thoughts were. IA then back to himself, and said to himself, maybe what he sees as a change in attitude and treatment of mertuannya it was just a mere suspicion and prejudice of it and if there was then it may be caused by business-2-2 peribadi and issues of law that does not have anything to do with him as a son. thus he mencuba reassuring and that his thoughts were thinking further masyangul not going to bother and take the story of the attitudes and behavior in-law even further.

On a dark night the silent, while he was in bed with children Mikyal wife. David said to his wife: "O Mikyal, whether true or false I do in my response and my imagination and mere conjecture or something reality of what I see in your father's attitude toward me?-2 I saw the end of it there is a change in attitude of the father towards me. He is always facing me with a sad face and unusually stiff. His words to me not selamah soft as ever. radiant gaze from me I saw the sign-2 antipathy and hate me. menggelakkan He was always away from sitting with me talking and talking -talk as he did when he first saw around him. "

Mikyal replied as he took a deep breath and wiped the tears fell on her cheeks: "O David, I'm not going to hide anything, and sometimes it does not than you will merahsiakan things you should know. Indeed, since my father saw that free seed has been rising in the eyes of the people and name being bandied about are praised as a hero and savior of the nation, he felt jealousy and no thought when pengaruhmu becoming widespread among the people and they love you more and more, it will be able to undermine his power and may even interfere with the authority of the kingdom. My father even though he a believer magicians and not of royal descent enjoy a life of luxury, occupying a soft and tasted the sweetness of power. guy affirm his words, carry out all orders and bow down when dealing with it. no thought he would lose it all and go back to his farm land and livestock enterprises in the village. Kerananya he does not like people are honored and respected prominent people especially revered and considered heroes like you. sometimes he no thought that free you can snatch-2 position and the crown, and made him forced back into his old ways as each king doubtful loyalty and berpurba everyone thought the act-2 people 2nya if he had not understood what was intended by the act-2's.

"Dear David," Mikyal continue the story, "I do know that my father had got to think of a plan to get rid of you and scrape out pengaruhmu among the people and even though I still merayukan was true, I think there is no harm if you are aware of current policies and caution against the possibility of unfortunate things for you. 

David felt hairan wife's words and then he asked to himself and to his wife: "Why was there such a thing is that? Why kesetiaku doubt by your father, but I'm an honest and sincere heart to fight under his banner, uphold the truth and combating falsehood and repel the enemy of your father, the devil tempting Thalout has conceded that has eliminated common and obscure way sihatnya his thoughts? " Then fell upon David finished saying those words.

On the next morning David woke enumerated by the voice of a king that convey pesurh calls and orders him to come soon face.
Said the king told David that stands in front of her: "Hi David fikiranku this backward sgt interrupted by a news menrungsingkan. Kan'aan I heard that the nation is working on his strength and mobilize people to come to attack and invade our area. Thou art my hope, my one only, O David, who will be menanganu affair so take your sword and prepare your war equipment choose people who you believe are among tenteramu and go home before their assault before they could come here. Thou shalt not return from the battlefield except by bringing flag victory or jenazahmu carried on the shoulders of your people. "

Thalout about to peak at two objectives simultaneously with these tricks, he is destroying enemy explosives that always threaten the country and with it mengusirkan David of the earth is because almost can assure him that David would not come back safe and come home alive from the battlefield this time.
Strategy that contains malicious intent and deception Thalout was not unknown to David. He felt there was a rock in order shrimp disebalik Thalout him, but he was as faithful people and members Tentera disciplined and carry out the orders he received it as well as possible without regard to or take into account the consequences that would befall him.

With the sole trust in God surrender himself to his destiny, and armed with faith in their hearts and talwa David departed along with his troops to the region Kan'aan nation. He did not escape from God's protection has indeed implies in his destiny delegate David as a prophet and apostle. Then David returned to his home along with his troops in triumph glorious.
The arrival of David back with victory Thalout received with smiles and happy signs imposed by him. He pretended to welcome David with great respect and praise excessive, but his chest increasingly fiery flames of resentment and hatred, especially with the success he realized that David carried off the victory, his influence in the eyes of the people getting up and getting dicintainyalah it by Bani Israil that anywhere else people gather dipercakapkan not just about David, his courage, and skillful kecekapannya led troops strategize with properties where he can defeat the Kan'aan and brought back home a victory that became the pride of the whole nation.

Finesse gagallah Thalout lend a hand to get rid of David with the people Kan'aan. He was disappointed not to see David's body was carried by his men returned from the battlefield as he hoped and predicted, but he saw David in a state of fresh-fit valor in the presence of his troops received alu-aluan people and shouts sorainya sign of love they love him as a hero of the nation are not invincible.
Thalout he imagined the fear of losing power to see the increasingly widespread influence of David, especially since the return from the war with a nation Kan'aan, think the only way that will save him from the threat of David was killed directly. Then diaturlah assassination plan so conscientious that will not carry over to drag his name brought into it. Mikyal, wife of David to kiss her father's evil plan, immediately told her husband, so she immediately pulled away and leave the city as soon as possible before the evil plan was implemented. David came out to meet suggestion that faithful wife to leave the city at a time when the dark night with no carrying supplies except faith in the chest and a firm belief that will inayahnya God and his grace.

After the news of the disappearance of the palace of King David is known by the public, in large bondonglah 2nya following brothers, disciples 2nya of his followers to track him down for her taste setiakawan menyampaukan them and offer help and assistance that may be needed.
They met David was a little way out of town, he again breaks while contemplating the fate he experienced a side effect of the action of a servant of God who did not know each other a favor and always indulge their desires to maintain mere worldly power. Servant of God was not conscious, think the David that worldly pleasures and power he possesses is the gift of God may be revoked at any time of his return thereof.

Named David King:

King Thalout increasingly diminished influence and authority declined since he ditingglkan by David and known by the people of his evil design against those who contributed to bring victory after victory for the state and nation. And as far as people's Thalout slumped award, to the extent that they also love to David on the rise, so many of those who fled following the David and merge into the ranks, for which menjaadikan Thalout lost my mind and can not control themselves. IA and run tactics iron fist, sword and kill anyone who doubted his loyalty, not least among the victims there 2nya the scholars and leaders of the people.

Thalout David knows that free is the only one still alive who rivals him is likely to be exacting revenge for the betrayal and evil design, feeling unable to sleep well and live tebteram in his palace before he saw killed. Kerananya he decided to pursue David wherever he was, with the rest of the troops were already faltering tenteranya discipline and loyalty to the Palace. He must think the fast-2 destroy David and his followers before they become strong and increase followers.

David bersert his followers to go hide in a hiding place when hearing that Thalout with askarnya being chased and was not far from his hiding place. He sent some of his followers to see the DRP and observing Thalout positions that are already close to their hiding places. They returned to tell David that free and askarnya Thalout was in a valley close to where they are and were all soundly asleep. They called out to David not waste a good opportunity to strike a blow that ensure the Thalout and askarnya. Their recommendations rejected by David and he made quite a while to feel the first warning to cut any corners Thalout dress as she peacefully in his sleep.

After Thalout awoke from his sleep, he dihampirilah by David as he shows pieces cut out of the corner of his shirt and he said to him: "Look at the clothes that I have your clothes when you are fast asleep scissors. Want nescaya If I were I could easily have been killed and divorce your head , but I still wanted to give you a chance to repent and remember the Lord and cleanse the liver and fikiranmu envy of the properties, and prejudice hasut that you make excuses to kill people as you like. "

Thalout can not hide his astonishment and shame is evident in her pale face. He said David replied: "What you are fairer and more generous than me. You really have shown great spirit and noble temperament. I have to admit it.

Warning given by David menyedarkan can not Thalout. His passion is hard to maintain its position that had rotted it makes him forget the warnings he received from David when cut corner sleeve. He still saw David as an enemy who would destroy his empire and take over the crown. He was not safe as long as it lives surrounded by his followers that grew bigger bilangannya. He was reluctant to draw instruction and events perguntingan mencuba shirt and once again bring askarnya chase and find David to capture dead or alive.

Pursuit Thalout news came to the ears of David for the second time, then dikirimlah reconnaissance by David to find out where the place Askar Thalout berkhemah. Were discovered once again they were soundly asleep disebuah hill since earned exhaustion. With several members of the squad that went to sleep again, David arrived at Thalout a longer snores in his sleep, he took an arrow to the right of the head stuck Thalout along with a pitcher of water located on the left. Then from the top of the hill David cried out as loud voice to the troops so that they wake up ari Thalout sleep and maintain good safety of the king who was almost killed because they kecuaian. He invited one of the troops to come take back darts and a jug of water belongs to the king that was stolen from the side with no one from those who know.

David's actions were intended as a warning to Thalout the second time that a big guard that surrounds it will not be able to save his life when God willed it away. David gave two warnings to Thalout not with words but with real action that makes it feel horrified at the denouement of his life if only David exacting revenge for what he has done and has designed for her murder.

Bsar soul that has been shown by David in both events has been very impressive in my heart Thalout.
He awoke from his reverie and he has been made aware that free far astray in his attitude toward David. He is aware that free lust anger and whisper devil that pushed him devise David killing of an innocent, loyal to his kingdom, who repeatedly risked his life for the sake of the nation and country, never do kianat or dereliction of duty and obligation. He was aware that free he has sinned big with murder has been done on some ancient religious thought only kerana unfounded.

Thalout sat alone dreamy flipping through the pages of history of his life, since being in the village with her father, then unexpectedly and unexpectedly, thanks to the mercy and grace of God he was appointed to be the king of Bani Israil and how God has mengutskan David to be with him and become his apprentice might faithful and mighty army commander who deservedly for his services he received the highest award, and not, as he has done that has design-gejarnya murder and chase after he escaped from the palace. And although he has been betrayed by his evil design David, David was pleased to pardon him on two occasions in which he could easily kill her if only she Want.

Imagined events becomes quasi-2 was cramped chest Thalout self deplores had lapsed by the passions and temptations of Satan so that he squandered the gift and grace of God acts even brought sin and the wrath of God. So to menebuskan sins and repent to God, Thalout finally decided release his crown out of town and left his palace along with all the pomp and splendor and off he wandered and wandered on earth God until the time he got the call to leave this mortal world into immortal nature.

Syahdan, after the royal palace abandoned by Bani Israil Thalout who go without leaving a trace, gang-ramailah people raised and named David as king in power.

Prophet David gets Temptation:

David can handle the affairs of government and royal, hold rule and determine for themselves the special days to worship and bermunajat to God, day-to-day for justice, the days to preach and to enlighten the people and resolve day-to-day affairs peribadinya.

In the days specified for worship and worship-2 attenuate affairs, he was not allowed anyone to see him and interfere in khalawatnya, while on days specified for the justice he prepared to accept any lapuran and complaints raised by citizens and resolve any disputes and fights that occur amongst them. The rules are carefully followed and strictly enforced by the palace guards and security officers.

On a day in which he had to shut down for worship and retreat came two men asked permission from the guards to go to meet the king. Permission was not granted by the guards in accordance with applicable regulations, but the man forced his will and climb through the fence they came to the palace and met face to face with David.

David, who was doing his worship was startled to see two men were in front of him, but he was sure the guards the palace doors will not release anyone from entering the palace to see him. Said two uninvited guests when she saw David's face became pale frightened and bewildered sign: "Do not be afraid and do not be surprised. Both of us came here to ask for a fair and correct decision regarding a dispute case between the two of us."

Prophet David was not able to do other than to accept those who are already in front of him, though not through the fitting procedure and protocol. And he said to them after recovering his composure and lost a sense of panic: "just try out spread persoalanmu me in actuality." Said one than the two men: "My brother's have the ninety-nine ewes and I only have the a course. He demanded and pushed me so I handed him a sheep which was to complement perternakannya be an even one hundred. He brings a variety of various reasons and arguments are very difficult for me to resist, he was reminded that free more and more intelligent debate cekap bertikam tongue than me. "

Prophet David turned to face the other man was as he asked: "Is it true what has been described by your brother is?" "Yes," replied the man.
"If this is the case", said David, angrily "then you have done to your brother's unjust and memperkosakan tuntutanmu their possessions with it. I will not let you continue the actions were wrong at the time or you will face a blow on the face and nose. And indeed many of the people who organize those who do evil to each other unless they are true believers and pious deed. "

"Dear David," said the man replied, "actually you who sepatut the punishment you ancamkan me that. Did not you already have a ninety-nine women why are you still editing another girl who had long bertunang with a young member of the faithful themselves tenteramu and devotion and long they both love each other and tied the knot. 

Prophet David was astonished to hear her retort bold man, firm and spicy, and once again he thought about where the goals and objectives of words, the gone suddenly disappeared from view both the implant body two men. Prophet David was silent and did not change the attitude of his seat while he Awake pensive that free the two men were angels diutuskan by God to warn and reprimand him. He said, bowing and maghfirah for mercy from God for their actions and deeds are not diredhai by him. Allah accept the repentance of David stated, forgive their sin, and raised it to the level of the prophets and apostles.

The girl referred to in conversations with the angels of David as a man resembling it is "bint Sabigh Sya'igh a flawless beautiful girl and beautiful, while her husband was" the son of Uriah Hannan "a young bachelor who has long put love and tie the knot the girl that on his return from the war they would both hold perkhawinan and live as husband and wife are happy. youth that has been proposed Rasmi Sabigh of his parents, who would gladly have accepted the helping hand of the young man.

However, what to say when Uriah bin Hannan was in the land of carrying out the command of David jihad to enforce the sentences of God, there was something that destroys the draft syahdunya dn becomes for his ideals for a wife Sabigh coveted girl, as if it were a dream or fatamorangana alone.

On a day where Uriah was still far in the land of God's command to carry out jihad, tertangkaplah Sabigh a beautiful face that the both eyes of David and from the first glance that love arises in the heart of David to the girl, who is legally fiance of one of the members of the faithful and cekap tenteranya. David did not have to think long to express his heart to the beautiful girl and her parents rushed to woo the girl.

Parents on earth who would think would refuse a helping hand like David to be a child-law. Is not is a great glory for him to be the father-in-law of David a messenger of God and the king of Bani Israil it. And although Sabigh been requested by Uriah Uriah namin have left her fiance and can not be certain that he would be back soon or being alive. Do not think the wise parents to refuse a helping hand Sabigh David solely because awaits the coming of Uriah back from the battlefield. So David and her request diterimalah diserahkanlah Sabigh to be a legitimate wife.

Thus the story of David and Sabigh perkhawinan which interpreters became the target of criticism and rebuke of God through the angels who merupai as two men who came to the Prophet David pleaded settlement of their disputes concerning their ewe.

On Saturday Bani Israil:
Among the teachings of the Prophet Moses-2 A.S. the Bani Israil that free is they require to specialize one day in each week to perform worship to Allah purify their hearts and minds with the remembrance, bertahmid and gratitude for all the grace and favor of God, bersolat and doing good deeds and charity second- 2 pious. Forbidden for them on any given day to trade and implement the things worldly.
On the first day of Jumaatlah designated as a day of worship and sacred day, the alan but they asked of the Prophet Moses to the day of worship was imposed on every Saturday, warned that on that day God had finished creating His creatures. Proposed changes they proposed were accepted by the prophet Moses, since then, every week on Saturday daijadikan glorious and holy day, where they are not trading and seek worldly affairs-2. They just assiduous prayer and deeds ebrbuat virtue commanded by religion. So day by day, month and year turned into months turned into years however customary purify Saturday hereditary and preserved for generations.

At the time of David ruling in a village called "Ailat" one of several villages located on the shores of the Red Sea settled group of descendants of the Bani Israil percariannya source is from fishing, and carpentry trades are done every day except Saturday.

As a result of orders purify Saturday where no one malakukan merchandise or fishing business, the markets and the commercial-2 village became silent every day and night on Saturday, so the fish-2 at sea seemed adrift on the surface of the water, freely celebrate with great joy surrounding two large white stones located near the village by the sea-fish Ailat.Ikan as if already used to that on each Saturday night and feel safe popping above the surface of the water without the interference of the fishing but soon after sunset on Saturday evening menghilanglah fish were returned to the abdomen and the sea in accordance with the instincts of animals owned by each of God's creatures.

The fishing village of Ailat a typical day pd never seen so many fish floating on the surface of the water, even difficult to get to fish as much as expected, think is a good opportunity and a profitable one if they catch fish on every night and Saturday. The mind is not wasted, and regardless of the religious orders and customs that have been effective since Moses commanded, they went to the beach busy to catch fish at night and the day was forbidden, so berhasillah they catch their heart's content as much as they expected, contrast to their results on a typical day.

The adherents of the faithful and the pious believers come fasiq rebuked the people who have dared to violate the sanctity of the day Saturday. They were given advice and warnings to stop their unjust deeds and return obeying religious and abstain from all prohibitions, supay avoid the wrath of God's grace and favor may revoke that has been given to them.

Advice and warning the believers were ignored by the fishermen who disobey them even more eager to demonstratively breach because love will lose a great material benefits which they perolrh and fishing in the holy days. Finally, religious leaders were forced to alienate them from the association and prohibit entry into the city with weapons if necessary.

Said the fishermen were protesting dissidents, "in fact Ailat city is the city where we lived together and we have the same right as you to settle down here and sometimes you have no right to prohibit us from entering our city and we prohibit digging-2 source of wealth is here for the benefit of our lives. We will not leave our city and go move somewhere else. And if you are reluctant to hang out with us then you should Ailat city is divided into two separate portion by a dividing wall, so that each party-2 free to do and carry out their business without being bothered by other parties everywhere.

With the dividing line between the fishermen and the dissidents who fasiq-religious followers who obey their children are exempt semahu carry his fishing business on a large scale on a daily basis without berkecuali.
They foster-2 water channels to drain water into the sea near their homes-2-2 dam holding the fish return mencegahkan-2 le sea when the sun sets every evening on Saturday at which time the usual fish-2 adrift slipped back to the seabed.

The fishermen are getting rich widened because Meeka earn huge profits from the free fishing becomes more courage to do immoral and a violation of the order-2 leads to the destruction of religious and moral character.

While religious leaders who see the fishermen were emboldened to disobey God and do munkar and wickedness in their own areas still diligently visited them from time to warn them during and advise, if-2 can still be drawn to the right path and repent of their immoral deeds. But the wealth they gain from the results of the multiple arrests made their eyes blind to melihta light of truth, their ears deaf to hear the counsel-2 religious leaders and their hearts stopped by passion and kefasiqan disobedience, making the party of leaders and advocates agaam that despair and told partly that remained hopeful: "Why are you still advise people who will be destroyed by God and will ditimpahi the hearts of those who will be destroyed by God and will ditimpahi very harsh punishment."

So also the Prophet David after seeing everything that free advice and warning to his people only considered as the wind or if the sound in the desert alone and saw no hope that they will be conscious and aware back then pray to God to beg his menggajar them with seksaan and doom in kind.

prayer of David was granted by God and there was a great earthquake, and to destroy those who have rebelled against the despotic and apply themselves to ignore God's commandments and commands His servants pious. While those who are believers and pious terhindarlah the protection of God and of the catastrophe that hit it.

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