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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. I met again with Saber Congratulations work activity and hopefully Create Your Success. This time I Share And Share Article About.Directly Only And Not Extend your immediate time Listen Related Sites That Have Written This follows Under.

Not much is told by the Quran about the prophet Jonah as has been told about the prophets Moses, Joseph and others. And all that can be recorded and told by the historian and expert commentary on the prophet Jonah is that free he named Yunus bin Matta. He has diutuskan by God to preach to the people in a place called "Ninawa" which is not his people nor any blood ties with them. He is a stranger to come in the middle of the Ninawa it. He met them in darkness, ignorance and disbelief, they worshiped idols associating partners to Allah.

Jonah preaches monotheism and faith to them, inviting them rather worship the God who created them and created the universe, leaving their offerings to idols they make themselves from stones and idols that can not take the benefit or harm to them . He warned them that free them as human beings acquire God's main advantages over other creatures should not afflict your forehead and bowed their faces to worship stones that they die pertuhankan, but it was all of their own which sometimes and can be destroyed and transformed and memodelnya. He invites them to think heed God's creation in themselves, in their natural surroundings for that free menyedarkan creator God that is worthy of worship and objects rather than creation.

The teachings of the prophet Jonah was for the residents of Ninawa is a new thing that they had never heard before. Kerananya they can not accept to replace the teachings and beliefs that have been handed down by their ancestors who had become their customary habits hereditary. Moreover, carriers of the religion is a stranger no collateral with them.
They said to the Prophet Jonah, "Do the words that you speak and lies what you suggest to us about your new religion? Here's our gods that we worship the true and grandmother moyamg disembahkan by us long ago. Reasons whether the justify our leaving our religion inherited by our ancestors and replace it with your new religion? thou art in the midst of us who come to destroy us and change the customs of our religion and what advantage does that give you more than our reason for mengurui and teach us . aksimu Stop and take-your invitation in our area is. believe that free you will not be able to followers of us and that free market doctrine will not get the people's Ninawa very firmly maintain the traditions and customs of our old people. "

Barkata Jonah replied: "I just asked you believe and tauhid by religion I take it as a mandate of God that I shall tell thee. I'm just a messenger commissioned by God to lift you from the valley of the darkness of heresy and brought you to the right path and delivered straight to you net of the sacred religion seeds of kufr and shirk dehumanizing solely for your own goodness and the goodness of your offspring future. sometimes I do not expect any salary or remuneration than you and did not want the rank or position . I can not force you to follow me and put its teachings into my teaching. I just remind you that free when you remain defiant and ignoring ajakanku, still reject the religion of Allah that I carry, and religion retains akidahmu a false and perverted it, God will eventually nescaya show you the truth of signs seksa risalahku by lowering his doom upon you as have been experienced by the former namely the Noah, Aad and Thamud before you.

They responded with defiance Jonah warning saying: "We continue to reject your invitation and will not be subject to the orders or follow kemahuanmu and occasionally we will not be afraid of all your threat. Just try out what you ancamkan bring it to us if you are indeed correct in saying you say and do not lie to us. "
The Prophet Jonah can not stand living with longer in the middle of the Ninawa are being stubborn and blind-deaf face teaching and preaching. He then left the Ninawa with resentment and anger as he pleaded with God to impose penalties on those who disobey and was stubborn.

Jonah Sepeninggalan the Ninawa starting to see worrying signs as if the threat of the prophet Jonah to them will come true and God's punishment will actually fall over they brought destruction and misery as experienced by the pagan idolaters before them. They see the state of the air surrounding the Ninawa darkened, their pet animals seemed restless and anxious, their faces pale unwittingly become bloodless and winds blowing from all directions with kecangnya brings a frightening roar.

In a state of panic and fear, they are that free Awake Jonah did not lie in his words, and that free what threatened them not empty threats of its own, but the threat of the Lord. Immediately they said repent and beg forgiveness for their deeds, expressed faith and believe in the truth of Jonah preaching while feel sorry for their abusive treatment and attitude that made him angry and leave the area.

To atone for sins, they were out of town and flock to the hills and the desert, crying for mercy and grace of God to be spared the disaster of His punishment and seksaan. Mother animals their pets separated from their children so that the sound of screams of animals separated from their mothers participated as if begging safety of the disaster that is threatening to come upon them.
Allah knows that free His servants were honest in repentance and taste sesalannya and that free them really, and his heart is back from his faith and also averted from doom seksa begged Him, pleasing lowered his grace and mengurniakan maghfirat- unto his servants who sincerely repent and seek forgiveness declared for all her sins. Air that includes Ninawa dark to light, pale faces and red back ebrseri-series and restless animals become quiet, and then return the people to the city and their home with a sense of joy and gratitude to God has been pleased to accept their prayers and requests.

They said in their hearts after feeling calm, peaceful and safe from the evil that almost hit them: "Where on earth are now Jonah Why we have been subject to the devil whispers and following passions, made him leave us with a sense of anger and annoyance kerana our stance opposing and hostile. How happy we assume he's still in the middle of our guide and teach us the things that bring us happiness in this world and in the Hereafter. he is really apostles and prophets of God that we have it neglect. May Allah forgive our sins. "

The state of the prophet Jonah who had to leave town suddenly Ninawa, he wanders up the mountain on foot down the mountain without a purpose. Unwittingly, he suddenly was disebuah beach again saw a group of people scurrying about to board a ship. He asked the owner of the ship to be allowed to participate with other passengers. Ships immediately release sauhnya and slid the trajectories into the calm sea. Sea of ??tranquility could not last long, his deep suddenly shaken and terayunlah ship by a sudden large wave followed by a strong wind storm, making the helmsman of the ship along with all the passengers be in a state of panic fear to see the state of the ship that have not can be controlled balance.

The passengers and the helmsman saw no way to save the situation if the weather still raged and subsided, except by way of easing the burden of heavy loads at the expense of one than the passengers. Lottery then conducted to determine who among the passengers who had to be sacrificed. On the first pull forth the name of Jonah, a passenger who they most respect and love, so that they all find it hard to throw it into the sea to fish prey.

Then the lottery for the second time with each of the passengers expect not to go out again the name of Jonah they love it, but melesetlah their expectations and quit the name Jonah back on the second draw. Thus to the lottery for the third time as the last agreed upon and which specifies the name that appears Yunuslah should be sacrificed to save the ship and the other passengers.
Prophet Jonah with rigorous attention to any raffle draw decision was made to feel that free is the will of God that can not be rejected therein may terselit wisdom that he can not fathom. Yunus also aware at the time that free he had committed a sin by leaving Ninawa before God's favor, so maybe it is a lottery decision penance which he did it. Then he beristikharah menghenimgkan moment of silence and without hesitation immediately threw himself into the sea which was immediately accepted by the raging waves folds violently beneath a dark sky-dense.

As Jonah battling waves swinging, Allag revealed to a whale to swallow him whole, and deviations in the stomach as the mandate of God to be the return of injured intact later when the time comes.
The prophet Jonah was in the belly of a whale that raised him breaking waves and sank to the bottom of the sea feeling chest tightness and grieve as he begged forgiveness of Allah for their sins and wrong actions are done in haste. He cried in the darkness of the whale's belly: "My Lord, indeed there is no god but You, Almighty it be to you and that I have sinned and become one of those who do wrong."

When finished serving God, for a specified time, ditumpahkanlah Jonah by the whale was conceived and tossed ashore. He was knocked out of the mouth of the fish to the shore in a state of weak skinny and sick. However, God in His grace to grow in a tree where he was stranded pumpkins can overshadow their leaves Jonah and enjoy its fruits.
Prophet Yunus after recovery and be refreshed commanded by God to go back to visit Ninawa where a hundred thousand more people coming longing longing to lead them and provide further guidance to perfect faith and their beliefs. And Jonah was surprised when entered Ninawa and did not see any statues of idols standing. Instead he went to the people who used to be stubborn and resist against his teachings and now have become believers, pious and worship praise worship Allah swt

Basic story of Jonah noted above narrated by Al-Quran in Sura Yunus verse 98, Sura Al-Anbiaa 'verses 87, 88 and surah al-Shaffaat section 139 of that paragraph 148.

Lessons to be learned from the story of Jonah.

Praise be to Allaah one who served as a preacher - preachers must have patience and can not quickly angry and despairing when preaching should not be welcome or not immediately accepted by the people who didakwahinya. In such circumstances it must escort the patient emotionally and continued preaching to be wise and gentle, as Allah says in Surah An-Nahl verse 125 which meant: "Call upon, berdakwahlah the way of your Lord with wisdom and good teaching and the way they bantahlah were both polite and gentle {}. "

Jonah inside Allah has given an example of how he has regretted his actions were hasty kerana lose patience, leaving the Ninawa, but they can still accept his invitation disedarkan to assume he was not mad rush and leave them unless they are agreed with God had sent him.
Violations that have been performed without conscious God has given sentence to confinement in the form of Jonah in the belly of the whale as a warning and teaching so that does not happen again after he was given a pardon and told to return to Ninawa continue preaching.

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