Sholawat Bariyyah | Fadhilah and benefits

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Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Bariyah segue benefits: Ibn Abbas, saying: he who reads this sholawat Friday night 10 times, Allah will record for him 100 million kindness, remove from him one million ugliness, and lifting of her 100 million degrees, and tomorrow at doomsday lover of God ask Abraham to God's grace for him.

Another benefit, for those who are studying, both at boarding school and at other schools, if you want to give intelligence in his brain and wanted to achieve the required knowledge, then read this sholawat as much as possible.

Fadhilah segue Bariyah:

Allahumma yaa daaimal fadli 'alal bariyyah baasithal yadaini bil'athiyyah yaa yaa shaahibal mawahibissaniyyah sholli' alaa Sayyidina Muhammadin khoiral waraa sajiyyah waghfir yaadzal lii 'fii ulaa haadzihil' asyiyyah.


O Allah, O Essence of lasting grace to man, O the One who stretched out his hands to the provision. O the One who has the sublime gifts. Bestow blessings and greetings to our master Muhammad, the best man in mind and character / akhlaqnya. And forgive me, O the One who got an sublime in tonight.

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