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Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh:

Someone could be declared lost all his credit (infidels) is not merely a religious conversion (aka: an apostate). However, someone could be doing shirk kafir ie shirk akbar, although in life he was a diligent night prayers.

If he does one shirk akbar only, then he can come out of this religion and the good deeds done are erased.

Allaah says which means, "If they are to Allah, surely perish from their deeds they have done." (Al-An'am: 88). If he does not repent of it then forbidden Paradise for him, as his word which means, "Those who ascribe (something to) Allah, surely Allah forbid him Paradise, and his place is hell, it is not there for people unjust helpers . "(Al-Maida: 72) Example of shirk akbar is doing victimizing be slaughtered buffalo head and then to float (anchored) in the southern ocean so the ocean is not a fit (the word shirk actor: it is presented to the authorities victimizing the southern ocean is jin Nyi Roro Kidul).

Though slaughter is one of the activities of worship because it contains the elements of worship and obediently humbled himself. Allaah says which means, "Verily, my prayers, sembelihanku, my life and my death are for Allah, the Lord of the worlds." (Al-An'am: 162).
Whoever turned this one matter of worship to other than Allah, then he has fallen into shirk akbar and the perpetrator out of Islam. (See At Tanbihaat Al Mukhtashot Sharh Al Wajibat)

So thank Hopefully Helpful.

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