Mystery song "Fate" Songs That Can Bring Delicate Creatures

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Latest News This leg I DESTINY Share Mystery Songs - Songs That Can Bring Many Creatures Subtle song that has a unique history as well mysterious mythical creatures such as the song, entitled Rezso Seress Szomorú Vasárnap which also means Gloomy Sunday in 1933. The song was written based on a poem written by László Javor which tells the story of a singer who is depressed due to the death of his girlfriend and wanted to commit suicide. And in fact, shortly after the song was released ... László Javor ended his life by suicide.

Since the beginning of the creation of the song, a lot of the suicides happened to those who listen and sing that song. And at its peak around the year 1941, a British musician is Billie Holiday singing it and being played at radio2 hits. But the result that occurred many hundreds of suicides occurred after the song was played in radio2 Britain, America and Hungary. This causes anxiety radio station at that time and they were depressed to air again after the incident. Then begin to banned the song for play again on the radio. And statiun British radio BBC also include the song as the song played on the radio forbidden to them. From England and then to America for her banned the song as well as in Hungary itself as the birthplace of the song.

The song went on to become a legend, which certainly pendegarnya initiative to end his life. Including the creator himself Rezso Seress that ended his life by jumping from the window of his apartment in 1968.

Okay we are Back to Topic

What is a song Fate??
Fate song created by a mysterious, supposedly this song can summon a ghost named Lita. Currently sing or listen in can also affect a person's thoughts or emotions by suddenly.

 Brief History

Singer and songwriter of Destiny is still a mystery. But Fate song was first developed and emerging in Central Java town of Pati circulating through Mobile to Mobile. Rumors were circulating by word of mouth it seems this song tells the story of one woman who died before he declares his love to a mysterious male. Then a men's destiny is to create a song as an expression of regret for not know that she was loved to death . He created this song with poetic feeling of deep and heart-wrenching for those who hear it

These lyrics Fate:

Kularutkan to silent night
I rested all day black
I was stunned

Wherever I called the night wind
I expect it in hempas
but all in vain you've been gone

When the night comes
I can not see
when the morning comes
I can not touch you
you've been gone
never knew it was my fault
about your heart
but now you close your eyes forever tuk


It is said that anyone who hears this song right in the middle of the night, a sudden going to change behavior patterns, unaffected soul and fikiranya. Who listens to this song will turn acted without apparent cause, some crying, some are sad, some are silent, some are shocked, suddenly there were hysterical, some are in datangin woman while sleeping and some have been admitted in rasuki Jin women when mind is blank.


This rumor has reached not only in society even Pati, but has grown in Cities around Pati like Ghost, Semarang, Rembang, Jepara, Blora, etc.. many testimonies of mouth about this song either by accident or in more exaggerated because the circulation through the mouth without an obvious source, the following people - people who claim to have experienced the impact of the song Fate

A schoolgirl in Pati. He was listening to this song right at stengah 12 Nights with Mp3 Yang in the can from the theme, after hearing this song for him to be dazed fikiranya 2hari empty, for 2 days of his soul as imprisoned in another realm, but in the evening the two mother dreamed there was a woman which brought her son home tomorrow morning and his condition began to improve and recover.
Then A Schoolgirl Private high school in the Sacred he first listened to this song before going to sleep through the early morning hours of 1 MP3s in circulation, he claimed after consecutive 2hari heard he's always dreamed of in coming to a beautiful woman dressed in yellow.
The kids hang out a fun singing this song around the clock 12an night with a guitar, when the song is sung only be half the woman in a figure suddenly flashed yellow then disappeared.
A music teacher confessed sweet smell when listening to this song at 1 am and go dreaming again another woman dressed in yellow even he had invited to go, but he refused.
As well as many other outstanding testimony of a sudden crying while singing, there was a hysterical or supernatural distractions such as noise footprints, crying woman's voice, a voice fell from the top, the smell of fragrant jasmine, the sound of people knocking on doors etc.. But also many who do not believe and want membuktikanya yourself listening to this song right in the middle of the night. At the beginning and at the end of this song there is a buzzing sound well enough for goose bumps at the sound ringing in the latter sounds strange sounds or sightings are common.

This song is actually pretty good in terms of aransmen and words, nothing creepy, just at the beginning and at the end of the song there is a ringing effects which may add to the horror if played well past midnight. Wrenching string accompaniment may also make scary as the strains of the song of death, on the other hand there is nothing more sinister.
Well as you know the history of this song and not creepy for sure you will not be afraid anymore mendengarkanya. If you want to prove please invite a friend or Sodara made at midnight right puter

Similarly, Mystery song "Fate" was outstanding, maybe you have to have MP3'nya but do not know its history. for those of you who do not have a MP3 song can be downloaded below.

Please you Download Mystery song "Fate" Songs That Can Bring Delicate Creatures Below It:

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