Gereja Katolik Jerman Berbisnis Majalah Pornho

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The Catholic Church in Germany reported a profit of billions of euros from the sale of thousands of pornhographic books various titles. German Catholics have repeatedly protested, but no change. Reporting from the German daily Die Welt, Friday, October 28, 2011, the profit from Germany's largest media company, Weltbild. The company produces books, DVDs, music, and the last, pornhographic material.

No one knows who the owner Weltbild before Buchreport report says that companies with the biggest sales after Amazon is owned 100 percent by the Catholic Church. The company oversees the media is Blue Panther Books which specializes in producing pornhographic material. Noted, about 2,500 erotic titles contained in their online catalog. Among the titles are Anwaltshure (Lawyer Prostitute), Vogelbar (Can Digagahi) and Schlampen-Internat (slut dorm). Not only this company, German Catholic Church is also reported to have a 50 percent stake in the printing company Droemer Knaur, which also produces adult magazines.

Currently, the company is based in Augsburd Weltbild mempekerjaan approximately 6,400 people, and become one of the largest German companies. Weltbild also control 20 percent of the country's book market. Annual profit also fantastic, reaching 1.7 billion euros, or about Rp21, 1 trillion. Die Welt wrote that this advantage is enhanced if Weltbild continue selling pornhographic material.

Some of the Catholic community who know this for a long time, over the last 10 have been trying to tell the church about the activities of the companies they have. Even in 2008, the group sends 70-page document containing evidence pornhograsi WeltBild production to all the bishops in the dioceses of Germany.

This group claimed furious when they received the answer they think is hypocritical. "Weltbild trying to avoid the distribution of pornographic content," said a spokesman for the church.

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