Fizikal Prophet

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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. I met again with Saber Congratulations work activity and hopefully Create Your Success. This time I Share And Share Article About directly Only And Not Extend your immediate time Listen Related Site That Has the following Written Under It.

following Fizikal Prophet: 

Been issued by Ya'qub ibn Sufyan al-Faswi of Al-Hasan bin Ali ra. said: I once asked my uncle (from mother side) Hind ibn Abi Halah, and I know the king was very clever mensifatkan behavior Prophet, and I'd love to falsely attributed to me something of his nature to me mencontohinya, he said: It is Allah SAW is a great ever-exalted, beaming moon at night purnamanya decent, not high enough terialu striking, not too short, the chest area, hair always neatly between straight and wavy, and extending to the edge of the ears, bushy, black, his forehead broad, smooth brow flicks separate between them, which, if it looks like bercantum mad king, his nose sharp, radiating visible light onto it, bushy beard, her eyes black, soft and smooth cheeks, thick mouth, white teeth clean and rarely,

growing in his chest hairs are smooth, elongated neck, a simple structure, a big man again straight, flat between his stomach and chest, broad chest, wide between the shoulders, the spine, clean skin, between the chest and the head full of feathers smooth, on both tits and belly clean of feathers, being in his arms and shoulders and over her chest too hairy, long arms, his palms wide, delicate bones, finger palm of both hands and feet thick meat, fingertip length, cavity her feet were not touching the ground when the king goes, and feet soft and smooth no folds, as if the high water was gushing from it, when he lifted his leg lifted gently (do not like the way people brag), goes one-on-one and slowly- land, long-term steps such as people who stepped over the precipice, when turned with all his body, his eyes are on earth, visible king more looking towards the earth rather than looking to the sky, the king rarely noticed something too long, always go hand in hand with his friends, always initiate greetings to anyone he meets.

Habits of Prophet

I say also: Sifatkanlah me about her habit! Answer uncle: Was the Prophet seemed like a person who is always sad, always a lot of thinking, never beristirshat long, do not talk when there is no need, plenty of silence, initiate talk and spend it with all mulutnva, said Full-pearl said Mauti manikam, one-on-one sentence, it is no exaggeration or continue to decrease, not meek grossly abusive or insulting themselves, constantly raising albeit small delights, never denounced any favors or overly praise him, no one can relieve angry, humiliated if something of the truth so that he can defend.

In another narration, it is said that the king was angry his deep things of worldly affairs or anything related to him, but when the king was humiliated to see the truth, no one can exceed the fury, so that the king can defend kerananya. Majesty was never angry for her, or something for the sake of defending himself, if hint is implied with all palms, and when the king was amazed reversed his palms, and collected when talking to devote his palms right on the thumb of his left hand, and when king mad king kept away from the direction that led to his angry, and when the king delighted screwed his eyes, mostly ketawanya is to smile, and when the king laugh, the king laughed like a cold dew.

Al-Hasan said: All of these qualities in me I keep the old as well. Then I talked about it to al-Husayn ibn Ali, and I find It has been first asked my uncle what I ask it. And he also had asked my father ('Ali bin Abu Talib ra.) On how to exit the king and the king entered, about how his seat, instead of everything about the Prophet Muhammad that.

Prophet's house

Said Al-Hasan ra. again: I've asked my father about the inclusion of the Prophet and he said: The entry into the house when it is allowed to offer him, and when the king was in his era shared three parts. A special section of the Almighty, one part to his wives, and one part for himself. Then made part for him was the fullest of them with human affairs, it's time spent to serve all those who lay and a special, no one is distinguished from the others.
Among temperament when serving mankind, the king always give attention to people who primarily for dididiknya, they served themselves according to their respective advantages in religion. There is its need one there are two, and there are more than that, then the king will sit down with them and serve all those matters relating to themselves and the interests of the Ummah in general, try to show them what you need and tell them what is appropriate done for the benefit of all the people by reminding them, "Let anyone who is present convey to anyone who is not present. convey Remember me needs who can not deliver their own, for the purposes of delivering Anybody who can not communicate his need themselves to a ruler, undoubtedly Allah will set both his heels in the day ", there is no mention in it only matters who is like that only.

Majesty did not receive from talking to others unless something serious benefits his community. They came to him as a pilgrim people, but they are not to leave the place but with features. In another they are not separated but after gathering a lot of profit, and they were out of his association as an expert in religious affairs.

Outcomes Prophet

Al-Hasan said r.a. again: Then I asked about the situation outside, and what they make? The answer: It is the Messenger of Allah when outside, always lock the tongue, except if there is an interest in his community. Majesty always social call to them, and not rude in speech. Majesty always glorify the head every tribe and people and put each one in their proper place. Sometimes it reminds people crowded the king, but the king always keep their hearts not to dinampakkan on them other than a sweet face and a noble moral. Sire is always asking his friends if they did not come, and always inquire of the news and what people crowded ditanggunginya. Which is both praised and encouraged, and bad heckled and prevented.
Majesty always be mid in all things, not many argue, never neglect that they also do not like to neglect or perverted, all his case well and awake, never underestimate or deviate from the truth, the people who always accompanied him was the kindest people behavior, which is seen beside the main, the most able to give advice, the highest position, the most willing to sacrifice and help in any situation though.

Majlis Prophet

Said Al-Hasan ra. again: I then asked them about the Prophet assemblies and how? The answer is: That the Prophet SAW did not sit in any assembly, or wake up from it, but the king king's remembrance to Allah SWT never chose that particular place, and forbade the request is placed in a particular place. When the king came to somewhere, that's where the king sat thus completed the assembly and the king ordered to make way. When dealing with people crowded given his views to all people equally, so that the people who are in his association felt that nobody would have given him more respect. If someone came to him kerana something necessary, or something masliahat, the king continued to serve with patience hinggalah man up and back.
Majesty never emptied the person requesting the purposes thereof anything, if there is given to him, and if no one answered with words that do not disappoint him. Budipekertinya very well, and his behavior truly wise. Majesty regarded everyone as a father, and they were seen by his side all the same in terms of their correctness, not biased. Welcoming all of his association, reluctant-Silu, patiently waiting, trust, never heard a high voice, not made him all the dilarangi, is not called the disgust and bad, all the same except with an excess of piety, all humble self, the old honored the young, and that blessed young and old, who have always preferred, alien always take precedence.

Said Al-Hasan ra. again: I was then asked about the conduct of the Prophet Muhammad to the people who always sit together with him? The answer: It is the Prophet Muhammad always jolly guy, easy pekertinya dilayan, seialu prostrate-soft, not harsh or cruel, not rude or like screaming, no dirty words, not much joking or confabulate no immediately forget what she likes, never disappoints those who expect him, do not like turning people into despair. It is clear in his behavior following three cases. Majesty does not like criticizing and memburukkannya. Majesty does not like people looking odium and not talk about someone unless that bring benefit and produce a reward.

When the king spoke, everyone who is in his association watched intently as if birds were tertengger over their heads. When the king stopped talking, they just beginning to talk, and when he spoke well, all of them dwelling stonewalling. They never fight in front of him. Majesty laughed when he saw them laughing, and the king was amazed when they were amazed. Sire is always patient when approached badwi people who often are rude and pushy when asking for something thereof without succumbing Want or wait, so sometimes his friends get annoyed and not happy, but the king still soothe them by saying: "If you're someone who needs to come dapati be ye help him and not at him ". Majesty also do not expect praise than who he helps, and if they want any praise, the king did not encourage to do so. Majesty never cut talk Anybody else so that he had finished talking, and then the king spoke, or the king away from that place.

Silence of the Prophet

Al-Hasan said r.a. again: I was also asked about his silence, how did she? The answer: Silent Prophet dependent consider four things: his deep manners manners, kerana careful, his deep considered something between humans, and his deep bertafakkur. The sole reason is his deep similarities in sight and hearing among men. As for tafakkurnya is on what is eternal and the lost. And also collected in peribadinya properties politeness and patience. There is not anything that may cause him to be angry, or make hate. And collected in peribadinya conscientiousness in four cases, namely: Love makes a fine and implement for the benefit of mankind in matters relating to their ehwal mahupun world hereafter, to be modeled by others. Majesty left the bad, and was not made to be shunned by others. Intent on finding a good way to be of benefit to his community, and do what it can bring benefits to their communities, either for the world or for the hereafter.
Thanks so Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Hopefully Helpful.

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