70 Thousand Per Year ABG Asia So PSK

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You would think "what its actually in the hope that this very young woman, just for the sake of dollars he sold himself, which is surprising it again for 70 Thousand Per Year ABG So PSK Really A highly improbable, even if it is impossible for her taste, but how where the this one young lady, we see news story yuuk her.

Depok - National Commission (Commission) Child Protection noted the many thousands of young Indonesian women are victims of sexual trafficking every year. On average, each year as many as 40 thousand to 70 thousand girls in Indonesia are victims s3ksual trafficking syndicates. Komnas PA chairman, Arist Merdeka Sirait, said the company often conduct investigations to Batam island. Besides the sexual trade area has even reached beyond the territory of Indonesia, namely Nagoya, Japan.

Track, Batam, Nagoya, Tanjung Balai Karimun, Singapore closer. If it's tough over there immediately investigated. Singkawang too. Women under 18 years old, and 40-70 thousand per year could be a year, hire, prostitution, servants, victims of trafficking for commercial sexual. Not to mention the drugs talking, teenagers were targeted, he told reporters on Wednesday (03/10/2012). Arist added, the average has been in the form of sexual trafficking syndicate. That is where there are allegations of bribery made ??by immigration authorities.

"Police should dare to dismantle it, as the name implies there must syndicate games in it, there was a motorcycle, stalls, immigration, traders, and no bribes there," he said Currently, he said, the rate of violence against children rose from 18 percent to 22 percent of cases. While Depok City became one of the highest cases of child abuse and crime.

In Depok city failed to eligible children, there is no program that really care about empowering children, all criminals. All ditangkapin. Brawls everywhere, baseball had social houses Rape that had just occurred in Depok, which afflicts ASS student acquaintances with friends via FB, is also believed to be the syndicate because the victim was almost sold to Batam, "he said.

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