Tips Send Multiple Files In A Single Email

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Welcome Welcome back to the activities I work Mandau Sharing Blogspot Tutorial on How to send multiple files in one email - Approximately a week ago I got a text from my friend who asked how to send a number of files in a single folder via e-mail. Note that to send a document via e-mail (with any e-mail provider), the user is required to send the document in a file, not a folder containing multiple files. So you can imagine if there are ten documents that must be submitted, at least we have to send it twice with each message contains five in-browse documents one by one.

Therefore, I intend to post a way to send multiple files in a folder at once. So it will save time. Here are the steps that need to be done (Observe carefully)

How to send multiple files in a single email :

1.- Make a right click on the folder to be sent.
2.- Then select Add to "Name Folder.rar".
3.- 0Wait a few moments while the archiving folder.
4.- Once the archive folder we created successfully, now please open the e-mail address.
5.- After filling out the e-mail address that will be addressed, the desired subject, and the contents of the letter; please click on the "Attach File" or "Attach" (in some cases, when you first send an attachment using Yahoo!!, You need to install Yahoo!! browser)
6.- Then find the archive that you created earlier and click to select or simply double click on the archive.
7.- Once the upload process is complete, you can click "send" only.
8.- Then you must enter the "verification" listed on it. Remember the code that is both "Case Sensitive".
9.- Once loaded, click on "continue" just..
10- Easy right Just by following the simple steps you can quickly send documents to your clients.

version works Mandau Blogspot. Hopefully useful and do not forget if you have questions and suggestions please love comments only. 

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