How to use the office clipboard

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I work Mandau Accidentally Share Again How to use the office clipboard. In the course of a user to operate a computer can not be separated from the activities of copy, cut and paste to simplify work processes and tasks. Things are copied or cut can be a text, image, file or folder. Text, images, files and folders are copied is stored in the clipboard and pasted to the end as needed. In Windows OS command to copy to the clipboard using Ctrl + C and to cut to the clipboard using Ctrl + X while the command to paste from the clipboard using the command Ctrl + V.

To determine whether a text or an image that has been copied into the clipboard list, you can use the program office clipboard. If the text or images have entered into the clipboard so the user does not need to copy again on the same text or picture. Users also can also diclipboard memanagement existing list, which removed one at a time or be removed entirely or else paste all the options list.

To bring up a window office clipboard is as follows:

1 : Activate the home tab (Ms Word, Excel, Power point) then click the arrow shortcut clipboard as shown below.

2 : Then the clipboard window will appear to the left of the worksheet your office. Windows clipboard can you move to the right if you want to simplify your use.

3 : How to use the office clipboard and is also very easy. Each time you make a copy, cut in the form of text and images, it will display a list into the clipboard. The next place the cursor at the place to be plastered with text and images and then select the list in the clipboard, the text or images on clipboar be pasted anywhere you specify.

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