How to create a mail merge in MS Word 2007

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Today I tried to publish How to create a mail merge in MS Word 2007 How to create a mail merge in MS Word 2007. Mass mail merge or letter is one of the facilities in Ms Word to simplify the user do the job with just making one letter format but with different purposes and address different name. Of course this will greatly simplify all of our work. We no longer need to type one by one goal and the addressee name, quite simply by typing a list of names and addresses that you want the name, address made will directly join or merge with earlier letter format.

Not only format it uses mail merge letter is, if we typed in the same format or form the same form but with different stuffing, then the mail merge is a solution. Simply create a blank form or forms that you want and make a checklist form, then it is enough. As a result, each field of the form will be alternated according to a list that has been created.

To create a mail merge following are the steps:

     1 - Create documents in advance (can be letters, blank forms, or other documents)
     2 - Click the Mailings ribbon and then click Start Mail Merge, select Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard


3 - Mail Merge pane will appear to the right of your Word window.

4 - Under Select document type select Letters and then click Next at the bottom to continue.


5- Select Use the current document and click Next.


6 - With a choice of select recipients, if you do not make the list just select Type a new list and then click Create.


7 - New Address window will pop up list. To facilitate our work will existing columns should be deleted and then created a new column fields as required.

A - Click the Customize columns


B - Then Select the filed name then click the delete button, until all the column names erased.


C - To create a new field name click Add and then give it a name in accordance with the requirements (such as name, address, etc)


D - Then add some filed suit your needs.

E - If it was just click OK.


F - Then comes New address list window. Enter the data required to complete, and then click OK.


G - To delete an entry click on the entry you want to delete and then click Delete. To add a new entry click on the new entry.

H - Keep the folder where the document is stored and then click Save.


I - Then came the list that are ready to be included. To include all the tick boxes available, or you can choose your own as needed the existing list by removing the check mark on the list.

8 - Continues Click Next: Write your letter to melajutkan.

9 - Up here we will include a list of fields that we have made earlier to be included on the document. Point your cursor at the point filed laid.


10 - At the option write your letter, select More items.


11 - In the window that appears select the name of the document filed in accordance with the insert and then click.


12 - You Repeat the above steps for the data to be filled with the appropriate field. So it will look like below.


13 - Then click Next to see the results of a data merge. Click the right or left arrows to preview your letters to see the results.



14 - If there are still any of the data can be altered data on the edit recipient list. When sufficiently click Next to complete the merger.

15 - There are two options complete the merger of the Print and Edit individual letters. If you select print merger, the merger of data will be directly printed by the printer. If you selected Edit individual letters then the data will be displayed on multiple pages directly in Ms Word. Please select as needed.


16 - Done, thanks safely enjoy your activities may be useful so thank me by works saber.

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