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When some time ago I had a post about how to use the office clipboard. By using the clipboard will allow a user to memanagement clipboard list, which lists the clipboard is a result of the copy or cut that can then be pasted or affixed in accordance with user needs.

In addition to any office clipboard you can use software called Clipboard Clipboard Master. Clipboard Master is a tool that can be used to store text, images, and other files that have been copied to the clipboard in the form of a list. Thus users will be easier to do the pasting of sentences, words, or images, or files that have been copied without having to copy the command again.

His way was fairly easy to use, namely:

1 : Please download the clipboard master first on the download link below.

2 : Install the software and run the master clipboard.

3 : To open the master clipboard you can do by pressing the Windows key + V on your keyboard or by clicking the left and right buttons simultaneously on the mouse.

4 : If you have menakukan copy or cut the words, pictures or files and folders, it will show a list on a clipboard master clipboard that you can use as needed.

5 : Users can also remove the list of clipboard easily.

6 : Users can also set a master clipboard by clicking on the clipboard icon in the notification area master.

7 : I hope this post can be useful for you Enjoy And Helpful course. Please your Clipboard Master 2.7.1 Download Link Below It: 

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