Convert image or images to PDF using Hexonic ScanToPdf

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Creating PDF files is a lot of know-how and can be done easily using statistical software such as convert pdf typing on the computer a few posts ago. One needs a user is to change or convert image files or images into a pdf file. One of the software which can help you to perform image convert into pdf file is hexonic ScanToPDF. Hexonic ScanToPDF is free software for personal use. With this software, you can convert the image to pdf with easy steps.

Langkah Berikut Di Bawah Ini :

1 : Here is how to convert the image or images to pdf using Hexonic ScanToPDF.

2 : Download software Hexonic first ScanToPDF here
Install the software Hexonic ScanToPDF. At the time of install, the program will download install manager.

3 ; Once the install is complete run the software and then select the personal user to use it for free.

4 : Once the program is open, the home tab click Open to open the image file to be converted into pdf.

5 ; You can set the page size, page color, and orientation (portrait or landscape), margins, etc. to lay out the Page tab.

6 ; In Pdf Options tab, you can adjust the display image to one page or each images on one page.

7 ; If it had simply click Generate a PDF, it will pop up a window to save the pdf file and name the pdf file then you click save.

8 : Pdf file then you have completed. The software support to do convert image files to pdf file format to JPEG, TIFF, Multipage-TIFF, BMP, PNG, and GIF.

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